We’re looking for immersive food stories from/about South Louisiana. We’re particularly interested in inspiring readers to support local producers–by buying from local farmers and fishermen, by eating at locally-owned restaurants, by stocking the pantry with locally-made goods–and looking for contributors to help collect and tell these stories.

Current opportunities:

These are the main focus of our email bi-monthly newsletter.

Pay: $200

In addition to the bi-monthly newsletter, we’re introducing a shorter format that will highlight a single business that’s opened (or significantly pivoted) during/because of the pandemic.

Pay: $75

showing where the food we eat comes from, but

The Boil Advisory

exists, for now, as a newsletter that’s emailed twice a month to a modest-but-engaged audience. We’re here to tell stories (who isn’t, right?), with hopes that those will encourage readers to become more engaged in our local food system: to buy from local farmers and fishermen, to eat at locally-owned restaurants.

Our hope is to use food media to drive support of local businesses